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Stock out reports right in your inbox for free!

StockHound is an inventory watchdog, makes sure you don't have surprise stock outs and notifies you before it's too late.
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* Currently only available for Shopify stores. StockHound by Fabrikatör - Free stock out forecast reports for Shopify stores | Product Hunt

Stop revenue loss!
Be informed when each product will run out of stock and restock before it's too late.

Save time with automation
Let StockHound keep an eye on inventory while you focus on what matters.

Optimize purchase orders
Gain better visibility about your future inventory needs and optimize your purchase orders.

How it works

StockHound forecasts the stock out date of each SKU based on their historical sales performance and emails you the results. Simple and useful.

Connect your store in a minute!

Simply enter your store URL and connect to our official Shopify App. No code or complex integration is required. Simple as it sounds!

Set forecasting preferences

StockHound tells you what products will run out of stock in different time periods. Simply choose the forecasting interval that works best for you.

Choose email frequency

We are flexible and so do our emails are! Receive email reports at your own pace, hear from StockHound only when you need to.

Receive emails, restock on time!

Receive emails with summary of your stock out report and full report as a .csv. Now it's your turn to plan your purchases ahead ;)

  • Princess Awesome & Boy Wonder

    “It's so helpful to have data that allows us to plan our inventory based on what is already selling well, and to have projections of what the shop may look like based on current sales.”

    Eva J.
    Co-founder — Princess Awesome & Boy Wonder
  • reesabobeesa

    “We really love using this app for low stock alerts! Daily and weekly updates and insights are SO helpful. We 100% recommend their service for any business owner who has a good amount of SKUs!”

    Shipping Team — Reesabobeesa
  • SugarBox

    “I used this app to alert me when inventory is low or out of stock. It has really helped us manage our stock more accurately and resolve issues faster than before. ”

    Co-founder — SugarBox

Let's get you started

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What is StockHound?

StockHound is a tiny but useful app that connects to your Shopify store and sends easy to understand, actionable inventory forecasting reports right in your inbox.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

This one is on us, it's completely free

How can this be free? What's the catch?

We have been developing supply planning solutions for the past four years. We mainly make money from our supply planning app "Virtual Inventory Assistant"

We have met with so many stores with high growth potential being limited due to having limited visibility about their inventory. We decided to make this app to support growing stores in their early days and build a meaningful relationship to learn from each other. 

Do you offer more advanced features?

Yes. We are mainly focused on building a supply planning and automation platform for high growth brands. If you are interested, please contact us from [email protected]

How do I install?

After entering your Shopify URL, you will be redirected to your Shopify Admin to install our official app "Virtual Inventory Assistant" on your store. 

How do you forecast the stock out dates?

Our algorithm analyses the previous sales performance of your products and calculates the estimated stock out date based on the current inventory. 

Who is behind StockHound?

We are a Berlin based company called Fabrikatör, developing supply planning solutions for direct-to-consumer brands.

You can visit our website and learn more about our work.